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not a bimbz.

27 Feb

I am clearly incapable of retaining any form of professionalism in my life.

Boss: Anyone thought of having a time lapse video? Just point a camera at a HDB flat everynight for two weeks and see how many lights don’t actually go off? Then you’d see how badly Singaporeans are sleeping.

Me: You’ll probably catch some neighbors walking around in their underwear though.

Boss: …

Me: It’s true! I always catch my neighbors in their underwear once I look through my window!




booger boogie

8 Feb

So this morning, seeing how it’s 8:30am and the few faces at work aren’t even awake yet, I decided to carry out Operation Photocopyallthethings! See my job requires me to photocopy a set of tests for every subject. That’s 20 pages per person, for 200 people. Yes, I murder trees for a living 😦

And while that’s going on, I can basically have a life. I make coffee, read my email, water my plants, organize my desk, and all that. When I return, I see this Professor from another lab standing over the machine, looking puzzled. I perk up immediately. THIS is my chance to network. (and get into people’s good books, and get nice recommendations, and get employed by IMH and get sponsored to do my Masters). My entire future flashed before me.It didn’t go too well though.

I was reprimanded for holding up everyone’s print jobs, being unfriendly to the environment, not refilling the paper after my print job, argh, you get the idea. He even asked who my boss was so he could bring the matter up to him.

I knew it! I should have scurried away when I see authority figures and pretended to be invisible. Was this guy being serious? It’s too early to be that fierce, no? Is he just trying to scare me? I’m confused.

Then I noticed it. A booger hanging right out of his nostril. After that, it was all I saw. How in the world am I going to take this guy seriously when there’s that nose shit hanging on his face. Do I laugh? Do I tell him? He’s still reprimanding me by the way. Although by now, I’m not really listening to what he is saying. I look down at the photocopier, because it was really too damn hilarious. Also because I thought it looked as though I was sorry for killing the earth.

And he just went on and on and on. And I kept seeing booger booger booger.

This was my Tuesday morning.